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Suppressed Duty Rifle - 11.5"

Alpine Research

$1,425.00 - $1,595.00
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The suppressed duty rifle dominates the zero to 300 yard engagement range, delivering increadible accurracy, reliability, and suppressed performance at a price point any dedicated shooter will appreciate. The suppressed duty rifle is unlike anything currently offered on the market; it was designed to be the king of one task, not a jack of all trades.  If you're looking for the absolute best suppressor host on the market, look no further.


Each SDR is built by hand and many components are fitted together after meticulous measuring and gauging process.  This adds considerable time to the assembly process, but truly differentiates our rifles from mass produced production line guns.  

Take a look at our instagram page for behind the scenes look at our assembly processess.


Upper Receiver:

  • Alpine Research 11.5" Short Dwell suppressor optimized barrel 
    • Bedded installation
    • Mid gas
    • Suppressor only gas port
    • Standard 5/8-24 threads with 25° taper shoulder
    • 5.56mm NATO chamber
    • .750" gas block journal
  • Alpine Research Mag-phos chrome lined carrier
    • Carpenter 158 bolt HP/MPI
    • Chrome lined gas key
    • Flattened & sealed gas key
    • OCKS screws & staking
    • Sprinco ejector & extractor springs with insert
  • Forged mil-spec upper receiver
  • 10.5" handguard made by Cross Machine Tool
    • MLOK
    • Good ridgidity
  • Sling QD socket installed on left side of handguard close to receiver
  • USGI Charging handle
    • Radian Raptor available

Lower receiver:

  • Alpine Research forged mil-spec receiver
  • Properly torqued and staked castle nut/receiver end plate
  • BCM Stock
  • BCM Grip
  • Sprinco recoil spring
  • Buffer mass depends on suppressor being used

Not included:

  • Optics
  • Lights
  • Sling
  • Suppressor

Not advertised to work with:

  • Extremely high flow rate suppressors like Hux Flow 556K, OSS, etc
  • Steel case ammunition
    • The propelant load in these types of ammunition varies far too much (from soft to really really soft).  In order to accommodate steel case ammo the gas port would need to be opened up to a degree that I deem unacceptable.

Who is this rifle for?


This rifle is for the shooter that doesn't want to go through the trial and error costs, time, etc in spec'ing and building their own optimized suppressor host. 

We've incorporated a short dwell suppressor only 11.5" NATO chambered barrel with as well as an optimized combination of recoil spring force as well as buffer mass to deliver perfect performance with our Duty S-K 5.56mm suppressor.  Already have your own can? No problem - the Suppressed Duty Rifle accommodates most suppressors with small changes in mass (there is room to go up or down) or, in more extreme cases, a change in spring force (room to go up or down).